TireJect Automotive Tire Sealant is compatible with TPMS sensors

  • What is TPMS? All vehicles 2007 or newer are required to have Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS). The system works with electronic sensors that are integrated into the valve stem.
  • TireJect Automotive formula has been designed and tested to work with all sensor types. TireJect will not clog the valve stem and will not damage the electronics.
  • How did we test?
    • TPMS enabled valve stems have 2 main types, Rubber Snap-in and Aluminum Clamp-on. TireJect is compatible with both sensor types.
    • Clog testing: to ensure TireJect Automotive would not clog the valve stem we repeatedly injecting large quantities of the sealant through multiple sensor types.
    • Sensor electronics testing:
    • Balance testing: TireJect's low viscosity formula requires only 4oz for sedan and small truck size tires. We use real world testing on different types of tires and vehicles to ensure your tire will not have vibration while operating at highway speed.
    • Puncture testing: We perform 1/4" puncture tests in the tread area of on-road tires in real world scenarios (yes we all carry TireJect in our own vehicles, wouldn't leave the house without it!). We have real world testing with repaired tires operating for the life of the tire in normal driving conditions. We also test in our shop with thousands of punctures which to date are still sealed and holding air in our shop.